Cassius – The Rawkers EP

26 Sep

« 15 facts to explain why Ed Banger Records are so happy to release CASSIUS new EP :

1 ZDAR has been part of ED REC since day ONE. On the flipside of Mr Flash « Radar Rider » there was « F.I.S.T » a hypnotic electro beat I stole from some old DATs

2 Grammys please! ZDAR received one for his work on the Phoenix album, and just wait to listen to The Rapture new album he just produced!

3 Like the 3 classic 12″s released on Mo’Wax back in the mid 90’s, a couple of years before Daft Punk and the rest of the french sound. LA FUNK MOB « Tribulations extra sensorielles » even got remixed by Ritchie Hawtin and Carl Craig!

4 Ibiza is CASSIUS‘ second home, the boys spend most of their summer on this paradisiac island. Oh and if you wanna party, don’t miss their monthly residency at Pacha!

5 They make up the 5 members of our supergroup CLUB 75: ZDAR + BOOMBASS + Dj Mehdi + Xavier † + Busy P

6 Like the number of bands they’ve been part of… Cassius, Motorbass, La Funk Mob, la Chatte Rouge, Abassday, L’homme qui valait 3 milliards…

7 minutes, the time girls need to usualy fall in love with them.

8 hours like the CASSIUS radio show we did back in 2001 with the whole french scene Djing back to back and talking shit on air.

9 times in a row we listened to « Les enfants » in an hotel room in Scotland and decided CASSIUS should go back in studio to finish this EP.

10 rue Ramey in Paris, ED REC‘s headquarter address, and also ZDAR‘s neighbourhood.

11 You’ll need probably 11 days to listen to all the stuff ZDAR & BOOMBASS have been involved in. They are probably some of the most active musicians I’ve ever met.

12 people in a gay villa in Palm Springs during Coachella 2010, CASSIUS were definitely part of the ED REC family.

13 jokes per minute, this is the average.

14 At 14 years old ZDAR was a member of a heavy metal band, playing drums.

15 like 15 years old again, their last album or even better, the 15 years of friendship we celebrate today with this EP.

Release date : October 11th, 2010″

Cassius – The Rawkers


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