MMMatthias – Question & Answer EP

8 Juin

Matthias Zimmerman is from Germany. His initial foray into music production caused quite an impact in his native country, where for several years he was dropping the dopest beats for any number of successful hip-hop acts, including international MC Samy Deluxe on Virgin. And then, in 2008, the beats got faster and the synths got harder.

After switching up direction into something way more electro and dancefloor the last 18 months has seen MMMatthias rise steadily through the nu-wave ranks with his tracks picking up plaudits like Kissy Sell Out & Azzido da Bass. Remixes of MGMT, Bloc Party & Digitalism have all received critical acclaim, you will regularly find his name sitting high up on the Hype Machine chart. He collaborated with Streetlife DJ’s on a remix of their Midrange 3:56 single and also has an ep forthcoming on Kiez Beats. He has dj’ed throughout Europe.

And so to the EP, MMMatthias starts by asking you The Question, a question that is so beautifully put it evokes visions of a sunny spring sunrise and morning dew. A warm envelope of bottom end bass coupled with shiny top end synthesizer melodies, a tech house bomb which is simple, but stunning.what a pleasant un-assuming chap MMMatthias must be.

Oh, we spoke too soon, here comes The Answer, and its something quite different. Its dark, its nasty, its noisy and its loud, beat heavy electro that gnarls its way through anything in to mosh inside the devils pit. True colours?

Remixes come from Jo Kira who kicks some heavy ass (bassline/rave), Sam Watts goes cosmic (disco/house), Streetlife DJs get wonky (electro/rave), and Killer on the Dancefloor head to Carnival (tribal/house)

So.if we ask the question, do YOU have the answer?

MMMatthias – The Question

MMMatthias – The Answer


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